Community Charities

"We Cater To Cowards"

Neal C. Green, D.D.S., Inc. Is Committed to Giving Back

Having lived and worked in Santa Clarita for over 30 years, Dr. Green and his family care about our community. Dr. Green gladly donates his time to work with local charities and encourages you to learn more about these organizations that are helping others in need.


Ventura County Stand Down

For the homeless veteran in Ventura County and elsewhere, life on the streets is debilitating at best. Suffering from lack of shelter, unemployment, physical and emotional disabilities, and lack of food, the homeless veteran often feels completely isolated from mainstream society and unable to break out of the self-perpetuating cycle of homelessness.


For those who do seek assistance, many are unable to access the help they need because the services required are spread out over a wide geographic area. This means homeless veterans must exert undue time and energy going from one agency to another. Frustration often results. Imagine how the veteran feels knowing he has given so much for his country and yet finds himself scraping for food.


In assisting our veterans who are homeless, we realize that sometimes it takes just one small service for them to break out of the cycle of homelessness, such as needing a photo identification card, a bus token, a pair of shoes to start a new job, or not having any funds to pay for their fines that compounds into a bench warrant. Ventura County Stand Down allows access to a wide range of services over a short period of time. These services include medical attention, legal representation, employment counseling, mental health services, financial counseling, access to the court to assist with misdemeanor warrants, food and clothing, etc.


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Grace Chapel – Loving God, Loving People

Neighborhood Impact is a ministry of local churches working in collaboration to bring about transformation in the Antelope Valley. We adopt individual neighborhoods in our community and share the love of Christ by meeting their physical, emotional and physical needs in practical ways. Our efforts are supported by the City of Lancaster and we have a strong working partnership with them.


Grace Chapel has adopted four homes which we refer to as PIUTE, INDIAN SAGE, LOWTREE, and KINGTREE. Initially, prayer walks were conducted and then various outreaches such as barbecues or block parties were held to connect with the residents. We also cultivate relationships with the schools in these areas.


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Way Out Recovery

Santa Clarita’s Way Out Recovery is an organization whose mission is to provide effective treatment to individuals suffering from addiction and related issues. Way Out Recovery serves adolescents and adults alike, focusing on life-long coping skills and strategies so that affected individuals can move forward, improve the quality of their lives, and live meaningfully far into the future. Clients are assessed for placement in the proper treatment setting and receive confidential group counseling as well as thorough treatment planning.


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