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Are you looking for a root canal dentist in Santa Clarita? If so, you want to choose a caring and gentle professional with a thorough approach. At Neal C. Green, D.D.S., Inc., we cater to cowards and remain committed to serving patients who are particularly fearful of visiting the dentist or undergoing treatment. Root canals can be nerve-wracking, but we perform them gently and carefully to ensure your complete comfort throughout the procedure.


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What Are Endodontics?

Endodontics is the study of root canal therapy. A root canal may be necessary when the pulp inside of a tooth becomes inflamed or infected, or if there is a risk of this happening. The pulp is the substance inside a tooth, under the enamel and the hard inner layer called dentin. Dental pulp contains nerve tissue, blood vessels, and connective tissues.


Some of the symptoms that indicate you may need a root canal are:


  • Continuous tooth pain and sensitivity
  • Sudden, spontaneous pain
  • Gum swelling
  • Temperature sensitivity
  • Tooth discoloration

Occasionally there will be no symptoms, and the root canal is prescribed after your dentist discovers you need endodontic treatment. This may be because of a cracked filling that very possibly has allowed bacteria and decay to set deep into the pulp.


Left untreated, the resulting inflammation or infection can cause deep decay that will require much more extensive dental work, like extractions and tooth replacements. Fortunately, with proper dental care, a tooth that has been treated with endodontics will function normally for years to come.


The Root Canal Procedure

During root canal therapy, you will be given local anesthetic and, if you choose, oral or inhalation sedation (nitrous oxide) during the procedure to soothe your nerves.

First, we create a small opening in the tooth with a dental drill. Next, very small instruments are used to clean and space the nerve chambers of the teeth. Finally, the cleaned spaces are filled with a special material to ensure the root canals are completely sealed off.


Following your root canal treatment, you will need to be fitted for a crown to cover your existing tooth. The crown will protect your treated tooth and prevent it from becoming brittle over time. Our porcelain crowns look, feel, and function just like a natural tooth, and they are color-matched to your surrounding teeth.


Performing Root Canals in Santa Clarita with Care

While many dentists have to outsource root canal treatment to an endodontics specialist, at Neal C. Green, D.D.S., Inc., we are proud to offer this service and many other types of restorative dentistry all under one roof. We gladly accept patient referrals from other general dentists who are looking for a caring specialist for their patients.


At Neal C. Green, D.D.S., Inc., we want your teeth to last a lifetime, and that’s why we try to save your teeth via root canal rather than resorting to extraction. Dr. Green and our associate dentists have many decades of combined experience, and we can help determine whether root canal therapy is the right choice for you. If you are concerned about the cost of a root canal, rest assured that we accept all PPO dental insurance and union plans. We also offer financing through Care Credit.


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“We Cater to Cowards”

We are only a phone call away!


Emergency services are available. We accept all PPO insurance and union plans.


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“We Cater to Cowards”

We are only a phone call away!


Emergency services are available. We accept all PPO insurance and union plans.


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