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Do you have missing or damaged teeth? Whether you’ve experienced injury, disease, or you never finished a course of recommended dental treatment, damaged teeth can compromise your oral health.

If you have dental problems that affect your oral function, form, and appearance, you may want to consider restorative dentistry. More specifically, patients who need restorative dentistry often have decayed, fractured, discolored, or missing teeth that require a combination of dental treatments, and some patients require full-mouth reconstruction. At Neal C. Green, D.D.S., Inc., we offer restorative dental services in Santa Clarita.


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Types of Restorative Dentistry Treatments in Santa Clarita

Our dental office can correct your smile with restorative dentistry. We offer a number of treatments to meet your needs, from advanced dental hygiene treatments to oral surgery and everything in-between.


The restorative dental treatments you may need include:


  • Advanced dental hygiene treatment: If you have advanced gum disease, known as periodontitis, we will likely recommend a nonsurgical oral hygiene treatment called scaling and root planing, which involves local anesthesia to reach the deep pockets underneath the gums. By smoothing the roots, it makes it more difficult for tartar to adhere to the roots and worsen your periodontitis. Typically, if you have undergone scaling and root planing, you will need maintenance cleanings every three to four months so we can monitor your gum health.
  • Fillings: This is the best treatment to fix a cavity and is usually placed on the surfaces of the teeth. We offer different types of materials for fillings, including silver amalgam or tooth-colored composite fillings. We answer all questions and concerns you might have about both types of filling materials and let you decide which treatment will best meet your needs.
  • Extractions: If a tooth cannot be fixed, you might need a dental extraction. Reasons for extractions range from deep dental decay to damage from a fracture. If the infection is too large for root canal therapy, your dentist will recommend extraction and tooth replacement with dental implants, fixed bridge, removable partial, or full denture.
  • Crowns and bridges: If a large portion of a tooth was damaged by decay or fractured off, you may need a metal-free, porcelain crown to cover the damaged tooth. A bridge includes multiple crowns that are fused together as a prosthetic replacement for one or more missing natural teeth.
  • Dentures or partial dentures: Removable dentures are prosthetic devices that contain artificial teeth supported on a framework that fits in the mouth. They are designed to replace all or multiple missing teeth on either the upper or lower arches of the mouth. They are not cemented into the mouth like crowns or bridges and are not worn during sleep.
  • Dental implants: If you are in Santa Clarita or Palmdale, and looking for a more natural look and feel, dental implants are highly recommended. They are the best tooth replacement available. They work by inserting a titanium screw into the jawbone, which is then attached to a piece called an abutment that attaches to the crown. The crown will be color-matched so it is undetectable as a “fake tooth.” Dental implants are much more comfortable than dentures because they do not move around the mouth.
  • Dental bonding: Dental bonding can reshape or lengthen the front teeth.

Ready to Fix Damaged or Missing Teeth?

Dr. Green and our associates are proud to offer all the restorative dental treatments you may need under one roof. We provide a variety of dental procedures to ensure your teeth are fully functional. We are also proud to help patients who are fearful of the dentist, especially if they need extensive dental restoration work in Santa Clarita. To that end, we offer conscious sedation dentistry, so you can relax comfortably as we work on your smile. Because we offer all restorative dental treatments in-house, you won’t need to be referred to another dentist for your treatment plan.


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“We Cater to Cowards”

We are only a phone call away!



Emergency services are available. We accept all PPO insurance and union plans.


Santa Clarita (661) 251-1320

“We Cater to Cowards”

We are only a phone call away!


Emergency services are available. We accept all PPO insurance and union plans.


Santa Clarita (661) 251-1320